Apex Microtechnology Lunch and Learn

Apex Microtechnology's Lunch & Learn seminars are a chance to meet with one of our experienced applications engineers (physically or virtually) and discuss an analog technical topic of your choosing. This is a great opportunity to engage with our experts, ask questions, and tailor a technical seminar to meet your company’s specific needs. Whether you're looking to delve into complex analog topics, or even the basics, our experts are here to guide you. It's more than just a lunch – it's an opportunity to empower your team with valuable insights. Fill out the form below to schedule a Lunch & Learn, and let us bring the expertise to your doorstep.

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Technical Topics

Op Amps

Gain insight into the fundamental principles of operational amplifiers, exploring their key characteristics and applications.

Safe Operating Area

Learn about the safe operating limits of analog components, ensuring optimal performance and longevity in various operating conditions.

Stability and Compensation

Discover techniques for managing closed and open loop gain relationships to maintain a stable circuit.

Single Supply operation

Understand the nuances of incorporating analog components in single-supply configurations.

PWM Basics

Grasp the foundational concepts of Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), a key technique for controlling analog signals and achieving precision in various applications.

Basic PWM Transfer Function

Explore the transfer function governing PWM systems.

Biasing PWM Systems

Learn strategies for effectively biasing PWM systems, optimizing their performance and ensuring proper functioning in practical applications.

Low Pass Filter Response

Gain insight into the behavior of low-pass filters in analog systems, understanding their impact on signal integrity and noise reduction.

ATE - Audio

Explore the integration of analog components in Automatic Test Equipment (ATE).


Learn considerations for analog design in both electromagnetic and electrostatic deflection applications.

High Power Techniques

Discover techniques for handling high power in analog components, ensuring efficiency and reliability in applications with demanding power requirements.

Motion Control

Learn how analog components contribute to precise motion control systems, enabling applications in robotics, manufacturing, and automation.

Piezo Drive Applications

Explore the unique characteristics and applications of piezo drives, how to mitigate design challenges and counter-measures to take to protect the driving amplifier.