Product Marking Notification

Reference Product, Package Marking (PDF) to review illustrations and descriptions of product marking for the following packages used by Apex Microtechnology.

7-pin DDPACK (CC package)
7-pin TO220 (CD package)
7-pin TO220, staggered leads (CX package)
20-pin CERAMIC LLC (HD package)
8-pin TO-3 (CE package)
MO-127 (DC, DD, CR, CU packages)
10-pin DIP (DE package)
12-pin DIP (EL package)
8-pin DIP SMT (GD, GF package)
8-pin DIP (KD package)
14-pin DIP SMT (GE package)
14-pin DIP (KE package)
14-pin HERMETIC DIP (HC package)
30-pin DIP (CL open frame package)
34-pin DIP (FD open frame package)
42-pin DIP (FC open frame package)
58-pin DIP (KC open frame package)
20-pin PSOP (DK package)
24-pin PSOP (DF package)
30-pin PSOP (FN package)
8-pin SOIC (FX package)
16-pin SOIC, with heatslug (FQ package)
7-pin CERAMIC SIP (DR package)
8-pin POWER SIP (DQ package)
8-pin POWER SIP, 90° formed leads (EC package)
10-pin CERAMIC SIP (DW package)
10-pin POWER SIP (FL package)
10-pin POWER SIP, 90° formed leads (FU package)
12-pin PLASTIC SIP (EU package)
12-pin PLASTIC SIP, 90° formed leads (EW package)
12-pin POWER SIP (DP package)
12-pin POWER SIP, 90° formed leads (EE package)
23-pin PLASTIC SIP, staggered leads (EX package)


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