Numerous printing applications are rapidly converting from conventional analog printing techniques, like offset lithography and roto-gravure, to digital technology such as drop-on-demand (DoD) inkjet. The most widely used techniques for designing industrial inkjet printheads is with piezo electric technology. The nozzles of these printheads produce ink drops when electric pulses are delivered to the piezoelectric structure which controls the shape of the nozzle. The nozzles behave like electric capacitors and the number of nozzles in a printhead being fired varies continuously. Therefore, the amplifier driving the printhead sees a very dynamic, capacitive load, which can be difficult for a discretely designed amplifier stage. Apex Microtechnology's MP and PA lines of power operational amplifiers are specifically designed to drive DoD inkjet printheads by meeting the power requirements and have high waveform fidelity independent of the varying load capacitance for superior print quality.

Example Apex Product Selection by Print Head

Manufacturer Print Head # Nozzles Amplifier for 1 Head Amplifier for 2 Heads Print Head Module
FujifilmGalaxy, Sapphire256MP108, MP118(MP103), MP104
Polaris512MP108, MP118MP104
Starfire1024MP108, MP118MP104MP113 (1 head, 1 or 2 colors)
RicohGen 42x192(MP103), MP104MP204(MM04)
Gen 54x320MP204MM04
GeneralMEMS HeadMP206MP206
  • Multiple combinations of high voltage, high slew rate
  • Operating voltages ≥ ±200 V
  • Slew rates ≥100 V/µs
  • Circuit protection built in
  • IC, hybrid and open frame module product designs
  • Printhead specific driver module with analog amplifier and digital signaling available

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