Apex Microtechology Headquarters, Tucson, AZ

About Apex Microtechnology

Apex Microtechnology, a subsidiary of HEICO Corporation, is based in Tucson, Arizona. Apex designs and manufactures precision power analog monolithic, hybrid and open frame components for a wide range of industrial, test and measurement, medical, aerospace and military applications. Apex Microtechnology is a recognized leader for consistently developing products that lead the industry in terms of performance, quality, and reliability.

Founded in 1980, Apex Microtechnology was acquired in 2007 by Cirrus Logic. Following a five-year tenure as a division of the Austin, Texas, based developer of complex chip designs, Apex Microtechnology was returned to a stand-alone corporation in 2012 with its sale to a private investor group led by Alerion Capital Group, a private equity and management advisory firm located in Scottsdale, Arizona. In 2018, Apex was acquired by HEICO Corporation as a part of their Electronics Technologies Group.

Mission, Vision, Values


Apex Microtechnology strives to enable, advance, and accelerate the development of high-technology through innovative analog and mix-signal solutions for complex electronic systems. We are driven to solve technical challenges while reducing time-to-market for our customers.


Leading the world in innovative analog and mix-signal solutions to complex and challenging power requirements in electronic systems.


Quality is established at the forefront of everything we do.

Choosing to do what is right; not what is easy, no matter the challenge.

Driving an organization where efforts from all departments facilitate our desire to exceed customers' expectations through continuous improvement and streamlining of processes and procedures.

Inspire a culture of innovation; to challenge the status quo, encourage new ideas, and drive solutions for the success of our company.

The ingenuity to see around obstacles, seek out innovative solutions, and appreciate and learn from failures allowing even greater success.