Apex flight heritage


With a stellar flight heritage that spans across renowned space missions, Apex devices have proven their reliability and resilience in the most demanding space environments. Our devices have been an integral part of various space missions, including the Mars Rover, James Webb Telescope, the International Space Station, Libera, and OSIRIS-REx. Beyond our past achievements, we remain committed to developing innovative solutions while maintaining the size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements from the industry. Apex Microtechnology's radiation tolerant devices are tested to maintain operability after exposure to certain levels of radiation. Apex's RT devices include radiation data for HDR, ELDRS, and SEE testing in addition to TID lot traceability and PIND data.

Radiation Tolerant Operational Amplifiers

Part Supply Voltage MAX [V] Output Current CONTINUOUS [A] Slew Rate TYP [V/μs] Standby Current MAX [mA]
PA08R 300 0.15 [0.2] 30 8.5
PA07R 100 5 5 30
PA12R [Coming Soon!] 100 10 [15] 4 50
PA74R [Coming Soon!] 40 3 [x2 channels] 1.4 40
PA02R [Coming Soon!] 38 5 20 40