Power Design Software Tool helps automate many of the calculations required when working with high power linear and PWM amplifiers. The inaugural release of this design tool has multiple modules that provide the ability to plot load-lines and current limits directly onto the Safe Operating Area to ensure circuit stability; calculate internal power dissipation and heatsink requirements; dynamically select a part and assist with other key tasks involved with designing high power analog circuits.


The Power Design Software Tool is currently available for Windows (iOS compatible version coming soon). Click here to download and install. Be sure to check back often for new modules and updates!

Windows Download (ZIP)

Mac Download (coming soon)

Screen Captures

Version History

1.0 (09/20/2016)

-Initial Release

-Modules: Part Selector and SOA

2.0 (11/30/2016)

-Modules: PWM Part Selector and Linear Stability

3.1.0 (3/20/2017)

-Modules: PWM Filter Design, PWM Power, and Tutorial Section


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