Apex Microtechnology Application Notes are written to address specific types of applications and circuit design challenges rather than specific products. Can’t find the answer to your technical question? Contact the Apex Applications Engineering team.

Apex Operational Amplifiers

AN01 General Operating Considerations
AN02 Optoelectronic Position Control
AN03 Bridge Circuit Drives
AN05 Precision Magnetic Deflection
AN06 Applying the Super Power PA03
AN07 Programmable Power Supplies
AN08 Optimizing Output Power
AN09 Current Limiting
AN10 Op Amp Output Impedance
AN11 Thermal Techniques
AN13 Voltage to Current Conversion
AN14 Power Booster Applications
AN16 SOA Advantages of MOSFETS
AN17 Wideband Low Distortion Techniques
AN19 Stability for Power Amplifiers
AN20 Bridge Mode Operation of Power Amplifiers
AN21 Single Supply Operation of Power Amplifiers
AN22 SOA and Load Lines
AN23 Heat Sinking Options and Techniques for Thermally Enhanced SMT Packages
AN24 Brush Type DC Motor Drive
AN25 Driving Capacitive Loads
AN26 Parallel Connection
AN28 Proper Analog Wiring of Power Amplifiers
AN31 Basic Op Amp Theory and Practice
AN43 Accessories Information
AN44 Driving Piezoelectric Actuators
AN47 Techniques for Stabilizing Power Operational Amplifiers
AN48 Increasing Output Swing in Power Operational Amplifiers
AN52 High Voltage Current Buffer
AN53 External Current Limit for Apex Power Op Amps
AN54 Printed Circuit Board Layout for Linear Switching Amplifiers
AN55 Power Supply Bypassing for High-Voltage Operational Amplifiers
AN56 Ultra High Voltage Unity Gain Buffer
AN57 Apex Inkjet Printhead Driver Power Dissipation
AN59 Measurement of Thermal Resistance of Power MOSFETs in Open Frame Amplifiers
AN61 Bandwidth for Power Amplifiers Crash Course
AN65 Amplifier Gain Error and Loop Gain Example


Apex Precision ICs

AN67 AIC1601 Inductive Proximity Sensor IC


Apex Reference Products

AN04 Precision DC References and System Accuracy
AN12 SWR200 Sine Wave Reference Ideas


Apex PWM Amplifiers

AN01 General Operating Considerations
AN11 Thermal Techniques
AN16 SOA Advantages of MOSFETS
AN30 PWM Basics
AN33 Spice Model and PWM Amplifier Applications
AN43 Accessories Information
AN45 Driving 3-Phase Brushless Motors
AN46 3-Phase Switching Amplifier – SA306-IHZ
AN49 Jumper Configurable 400 Watt+ DC-to-DC Converter Fulfills Buck-Boost and Motor Drive Roles
AN50 Optimizing Power Delivery in PWM Motor Driver ICs
AN51 Thermal Modeling of Power Devices in a Surface Mount Configuration
AN58 Parallel PWM Amplifiers
AN63 Methods of Commutating 3-Phase Motor Drivers
AN64 Power-Thermal Modeling of 3-phase Switching Amplifiers
AN68 SiC Half-bridge Integrated Power Module Dual-sided Output