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Bridge Mode Operation of Power Operational Amplifiers

DownloadIncorporating a bridge connection between two power op amps has tremendous advantages; however, they can cause designers complications. This White Paper will address the common concerns as well as the advantages of using a bridge connection.

Eliminating Oscillation in Power Analog Designs

DownloadWhen integrating analog drivers, designers are often faced with unwanted oscillation caused by instability. This white paper describes simple techniques for managing gain and phase relationships to maintain a stable circuit.

Maximum Power - Minimal Footprint; Meet Apex Microtechnology's PQ Package

DownloadMaximum power with minimal footprint; meet Apex Microtechnology’s PQ package. This White Paper addresses the innovative package design, the PA164/PA165 operational amplifier circuit topology overview, thermal management considerations and features an application example.

Motor Drive in Mission Critical Systems: Precision Power Analog for BLDC Motion Control

DownloadThis white paper is an overview of BLDC motor drive and control methods. Topics include trapezoidal commutation, six-step commutation, PID controllers and PWM control principles, and includes application examples from the aerospace and defense industry. Apex provides an array of 3-phase inverters that ease the design challenges of a BLDC motor drive system.

Powering Piezoelectric Actuators with Analog Drivers

DownloadWhen integrating analog drivers into the circuitry of a piezoelectric actuator, designers often face common challenges. This white paper seeks to address these issues and offer solutions that could increase system performance.

Silicon Carbide - Improved Performance of Analog Power Modules

DownloadThrough the integration of Silicon Carbide (SiC) technology, Apex Microtechnology has seen significant improvements in power module designs. The advancement of these capabilities provides new opportunities for increased efficiency in a variety of applications.