The Apex Microtechnology collection of published technical articles cover a wide breath of circuit design challenges. Can’t find the answer to your technical question? Contact the Apex Applications Engineering team.

Boost Output in High-Voltage Op-Amps with a Current Buffer (published February 2014 in Power Systems Design)
Designing with Power Op Amps Part 2 (published May 1982 in Control Engineering)
Applying Power Op Amps (published September 1983 in Electronics Products)
High Power Hybrid Op Amp Dissipates 500W (published May 1986 in Electronic Design)
Careful Design Takes Heat Out of Hybrid Power Op Amps (published November 1986 in Electronic Design)
Power Op Amps Solve Deflection-Yoke Drive Problems (published February 1987 in Electronic Design)
Power Amplifier High Slew Rate Techniques (published January 1988)
Tame Deflection Circuits with Power Boosters (published September 1989 in Electronic Design)
Design Techniques for MOSFET Power Op Amps (published December 1989 in Electronic Design)
Protect Those Expensive Power Op Amps (published January 1991 in Electronic Design)
Tame Those Versatile Current Source Circuits (published October 1992 in Electronic Design)
Use High Voltage Op Amps to Drive Power MOSFETS (published June 1993 in Electronic Design)
Simulate Laser-Trimmed Resistors With Spice (published May 1994 in Electronic Design)
Modify Power Supply to Enhance Performance (published June 1994 in Electronic Design)
Monolithic Power Amps Provide Diverse Choices in Circuit Structure(published August 1995 in EDN)
Power Device Packaging Beats the Heat (published September 1996 in Electronic Design)
Tame Your High Speed Switching Amplifier Circuit Designs (published September 1997 in Electronic Design)
Keep Heat Down in Power Op Amps (published February 2001 in EDN)
Power Amplifier Drives Multiple Inkjet Heads (published January 2005 in Electronic Design)
Thermal Issues Count in High Power Amplifier Design (published June 2005 in Power Electronics Technology)
Driving Piezo Actuators (published April 2006 in Power Electronics Technology)
Drive and Control Electronics Enhance the Brushless Motor’s Advantages (published August 2006 in Electronic Design
Cycle-by-Cycle Current Limiting Eases Design of Motor Drives (published (published November 2008 in Power Electronics Technology)