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    Multi-Pulse Waveforms
    MP113 - Dual Channel Amplifier with Onboard Firmware
    Makes Driving Industrial Inkjet Nozzles Easy!
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    Power Analog Design ... Made Simple!
    Select an Amplifier, Plot SOA Load Lines,
    Calculate Power Dissipation ... and More!

Power Op Amps

PWM Amplifiers

Voltage References

Power Design Software Tool   Download

Download the Power Design Software Tool to assist with resolving key design challenges and calculations associated with power analog circuits.


New Product

Apex MP113 – Dual Channel "Smart" Power Amplifier Uses Mixed-Signal Processing to Generate Multi-Pulse Waveforms for Driving Industrial Inkjet Printer Nozzles

  • High output voltage 135V with negative rail to ground (+Vs to GND)
  • High voltage supply 180V (amplifier)
  • Peak output current >10A per channel within SOA
  • Extended maximum allowable internal power dissipation 100W per channel
  • High slew rate 50V/µs