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    Redefining Power Density
    PA22 - Providing peak performance where
    speed and high short-term power dissipation is a must.
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    Going the Distance for Reliable Motion Control
    3-Phase Silicon Carbide Power Module with Integrated Gate Driver,
    providing up to 3x 48 kW of Peak Power (600 V, 80 A peak current)
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    Driving the Best Efficiency
    SA110 - First half H-Bridge with integrated digital
    gate driver control with silicon carbide MOSFETs
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    Power Analog Design ... Made Simple!
    Select an Amplifier, Plot SOA Load Lines,
    Calculate Power Dissipation ... and More!

Power Op Amps

PWM Amplifiers

Voltage References

Power Design Software Tool   Download

Download the Power Design Software Tool to assist with resolving key design challenges and calculations associated with power analog circuits.


New Products

New Power Op-Amp Designed for Power Handling

  • High current 13.6 A peak
  • High supply voltage operation 250 V MAX
  • High internal power dissipation 250 W
  • Output temperature sensing
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Applications include automatic test equipment, piezo electric positioning, electrostatic transducers, and high pulse current applications.