Fixed Gain Power Amplifier with up to -48V Output Voltage Swing for Driving Dynamic Capacitive Loads

  • Fixed gain -15V/V or -20V/V
  • Supply voltage -60V to -15V
  • Short term output current >30A (within SOA)
  • High slew rate 50V/µs
  • Drive capability 0-540nF
  • Power bandwidth 280kHz
  • Maximum internal power dissipation 130W
  • Small footprint open frame packaging

The MP106 is a high output power amplifier optimized for driving negative voltages. Rated with a 0 to 540nF drive capability, the MP106 is tailored for dynamically changing loads, such as capacitive loads used in piezo devices for inkjet printing applications, such as Dimatix "Samba" or similar heads. This amplifier is an open frame product design featuring a small footprint measuring just 73.4mm x 41.4mm and capable of up to 130W of internal power dissipation.

See how the MP106 fits your system requirements Use our Power Design Tool to assist with designing high power analog circuits.