2-Channel High Output Power Amplifier Print Head Driver

  • Optimized Solution to Drive Dynamic Capacitive Loads
  • Peak Output Current: 21A
  • Slew Rate: 100V/µs (at 180nF load)
  • Maximum Pulse Voltage: up to ±60V (with boost supplies)
  • Temperature Sensor
  • 30-pin Open Frame Package
Apex Microtechnology's MP206, a 2-Channel High Output Power Amplifier Print Head Driver

The MP206 is a 2-channel high output power amplifier for driving capacitive loads such as piezo devices used in inkjet printing applications. The amplifier provides flexibility in output drive; it can provide positive or negative pulses to a constantly changing number of piezo nozzles. MP206 is built on a thermally conductive, but electrically isolated substrate, delivering high power in a very compact module. The amplifier gain is fixed at approximately 19.85V/V in non-inverting mode (or -15.7V/V for inverting mode). It is optimized to achieve a 0 to 40V (or -40 to 0V) output voltage swing. A combination of internal and external compensation allows MP206 to be tailor-fit to any of the print heads listed above, providing optimum slew rate and ensuring stability. Auxiliary voltages (+VB and -VB) for the amplifier stage are used to reduce the power loss in the output drivers.

See how the MP206 fits your system requirements Use our Power Design Tool to assist with designing high power analog circuits. Apex Microtechnology's Power Design Tool