Low Cost ±10V Output Voltage Reference with ±1.6mV Initial Accuracy

  • High accuracy – ±10V output, ± 1.6mV
  • Temperature drift – 1.0 ppm/°C
  • Low noise – 6µVp-p (0.1Hz-10Hz)
  • Tracking error – 0.3mV MAX
  • Excellent line regulation – 6 ppm/V typical
  • Surface mount package

 VRE410 Data Sheet

The VRE410 is a low cost, high precision, ±10V reference. Recommended for D/A and A/D converters which require and external precision reference. The device provides ultrastable ±10V output with ±1.6mV initial accuracy and a temperature coefficient of 1.0 ppm/°C. This improvement in accuracy is made possible by a unique, patented multipoint laser compensation technique. Another key feature of this reference is the 3mV tracking error between the positive and negative output voltages over the full operating temperature range. This is extremely important in high performance systems for reducing overall system errors.

Variant Initial Error (mV) Temperature Coeff. (ppm/°C) Temp Range (°C) Package Option Purchase
VRE410AS ±1.6 1 0 to 70 14-pin Surface Mount GE
VRE410BS ±2.0 2 0 to 70 14-pin Surface Mount GE
VRE410JS ±1.6 1 -40 to 85 14-pin Surface Mount GE
VRE410LS ±2.2 2.2 -40 to 85 14-pin Surface Mount GE