+5V, Low Drift Precision Voltage Reference

  • High accuracy – +5V output, ±0.8mV
  • Low drift – 1.33ppm/°C (-55°C to +125°C)
  • Excellent stability – 6 ppm/1000 hours typical
  • Excellent line regulation – 6 ppm/V Typical
  • Wide supply range – ±13.5V to ±22V
Apex Microtechnology's VRE205, +5V, a Low Drift Precision Voltage Reference

VRE205 precision voltage references provide ultra-stable +5V outputs with ±0.8mV initial accuracy and a temperature coefficient as low as 1.33ppm/°C over the full military temperature range. This improvement in accuracy is made possible by a unique proprietary multipoint laser compensation technique. Significant improvements have been made in other performance parameters as well, including initial accuracy, warm-up drift, line regulation, and long-term stability, making the VRE205 the most accurate and stable 5V references available.

The VRE205 is packaged in 20-terminal ceramic LCC packages for maximum long-term stability.

Variant Temp Range (°C) Package Option
VRE205CA -25 to 85 20-terminal LCC HD

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