Precision Sine Wave Reference

  • High accuracy – +7.071VRMS, ±0.5%
  • Low drift – 20ppm/°C (-55°C To +125°C)
  • Excellent stability – 10ppm/1000 hours typical
  • Low distortion – 0.1% Thd @ f = 3300Hz
  • Military processing option
Apex Microtechnology's SWR200, a Precision Sine Wave Reference

SWR200 is a precision sine wave reference providing an ultra-stable sine wave output of +7.071V at ±0.5% initial accuracy and a temperature coefficient as low as 20 ppm/°C over the full military temperature range. This extreme accuracy is made possible by a chopper-based AGC circuit. The temperature characteristic of the chopper circuit compensates the typical nonlinearity of the internal DC zener reference resulting in a near linear amplitude-temperature characteristic. Frequency of the SWR200 is programmable with two external capacitors.

The SWR200 series is available in a 14-pin bottom braze hermetically sealed package, and a “M” version screened for high reliability and quality. SWR200 is well suited for any application requiring a stable sine wave source. The SWR200 can be used as a reference source in precision sensing systems based on LVDT or RVDT position sensors. A programmable AC reference can be constructed using the SWR200 as a reference for a high accuracy multiplying digital to analog converter.

  • Transducer Excitation
  • High Resolution Servo Systems
  • High Precision Test and Measurement Instruments
  • AC Voltage Standard
  • LVDT or RVDT Reference
  • Multiplying D/A Reference
Variant Temp Range (°C) Package Option Purchase
SWR200C -25 to 85 14-pin DIP HC BUY NOW
SWR200M -55 to 125 14-pin DIP HC BUY NOW

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