5A, 80V, Complete H-Bridge PWM Amplifier

  • Voltage supply operation – up to 80V
  • High output current – 5A continuous
  • Low cost complete H-bridge
  • Self-contained smart lowside/highside drive circuitry
  • Voltage supply operation – up to 80V
  • High efficiency – 97% typical
  • Four quadrant operation, torque control capability
  • Internal PWM generation

 SA50 Data Sheet

The SA50 is a low cost, 5A, 80V pulse width modulation (PWM) amplifier that is housed in a space efficient 8-pin TO-3 isolated metal package that can be directly connected to a heatsink. All of the drive and control circuitry for the device’s lowside and high side switches are internal to this hybrid product design. The PWM circuitry is internal as well, leaving the user to only provide an analog signal for determining speed and direction in brush-type motor drive applications, or audio signal for switchmode audio amplification.

Variant Temp Range (°C) Package Option
SA50CE -40 to 85 8-pin TO-3