450V, 200mA Power Amplifier with High Slew Rate

  • High output current – 200mA
  • High voltage – 450V (±225V)
  • High slew rate – 300V/µs
  • Low quiescent current – 10mA
  • Programmable current limit

The PA91 is a 450V power operational amplifier that exhibits a low 10mA of quiescent current and is designed as a low-cost solution for driving continuous output currents up to 200mA and pulse currents up to 350mA in high voltage applications including instrumentation, piezoelectric transducers and electrostatic transducers and deflection. External compensation with the PA91 provides flexibility in choosing bandwidth and slew rate for the application. Housed in a space saving, electrically isolated 12-pin PowerSIP package, the PA91 lends itself to high density circuit board layouts.

Variant Vos (mV) IB (pA) IIO (pA) Temp Range (°C) Package Option Purchase
PA91 2 2000 500 -25 to 85 12-pin SIP DP BUY NOW
PA91EE 2 2000 500 -25 to 85 12-pin SIP EE (formed leads) BUY NOW

See how the PA91 fits your system requirements Use our Power Design Tool to assist with designing high power analog circuits.