350V, 350V/µs Dual Power Amplifier with Low Quiescent Current

  • Low quiescent current – 2.5mA
  • High slew rate – 350V/µs
  • Voltage supply operation
    • Single supply – 20V to 350V
    • Split supplies – ±10V to ±175V
  • Output current (per amplifier) – 150mA continuous; 200mA PEAK
  • Internal power dissipation (dual) – 26W
  • High power bandwidth – 200kHz

 PA79 Data Sheet

The PA79 is a dual 350V power operational amplifier with a novel input stage that provides extremely high slew rates in pulse applications while maintaining low quiescent current of under 2.5mA. This novel input stage also has the effect of adding variables to the power response and slew rate characteristics of the amplifier.

The output stages for this amplifier are well protected with user defined current limit. External phase compensation provides the user with great flexibility in trading gain, stability and bandwidth. Target applications for the PA79 include piezoelectric positioning, actuation and electrostatic deflection.

This dual amplifier hybrid product is housed in an electrically isolated 20-pin PSOP package that requires less than one square inch of board space, thus providing a cost effective, high density solution for applications where multiple amplifiers are required. A heatsink is required to realize the SOA.

The PA78 provides a single amplifier option.

Continuous Drop Inkjet Printers
Variant Vos (mV) IB (pA) IIO (pA) Temp Range (°C) Package Option Purchase
PA78DK 40 200 400 -40 to 125 20-pin PSOP DK
PA79DK 40 200 400 -40 to 125 20-pin PSOP DK (dual)