40V, 3A PEAK, Class C Power Amplifier

  • Wide common mode Range – includes negative supply
  • Voltage supply operation
    • Single supply: 5V to 40V
    • Split supplies: ±2.5V to ±20V
  • High efficiency – |Vs-2.2V| at 2.5A typ
  • High output current – 3A PEAK
  • Low distortion

 PA74 / PA76 Data Sheet

The PA74 is a dual power operational amplifier featuring 2.5A x 2 of continuous output current on 5V to 40V single supplies. The product design for the PA74 utilizes both monolithic and hybrid technologies by placing two ICs in an electrically isolated, hermetically sealed, 8-pin TO-3 metal package. The result is a cost effective solution for applications requiring multiple amplifiers per board or bridge-mode configurations.

The ICs that comprise the PA74 are designed with dual input and output stages to achieve the desired input and output characteristics. The input stage utilizes a dual power amplifier on a single IC that drives the output stages. The output stages are configured in a non-inverting unity gain buffer configuration. The output stages of the amplifier are also compensated for stability but are not recommended for use as unity gain followers.

The PA74A is the A grade version providing 3A x 2 of output current and enhanced performance in the areas of offset voltage and voltage swing. The PA74M is the non-compliant military grade version.

Bidirectional Speed Control from a Single Supply
Variant IO  (peak) (A) Vos (mV) IB (nA) Temp Range (°C) Package Option Purchase
PA74 2.5 10 500 -25 to 85 8-pin TO-3
PA74A 3 7 250 -25 to 85 8-pin TO-3
PA74M   14 1000 -55 to 125 8-pin TO-3
PA76 2.5 10 500 -25 to 85 8-pin TO-3
PA76A 3 7 250 -25 to 85 8-pin TO-3