Dual Channel High Voltage Power Operational Amplifier IC

  • 2 individual op-amp channels
  • Configurable as independent, bridge or parallel
  • High continuous output current – 1A
  • High PEAK output current – 4A
  • High supply voltage operation – 205V
  • Internal power dissipation – 40W
  • Temperature compensated current limit with over-current flag
  • Monolithic MOS technology for amplifier core
Apex Microtechnology's PA166

The PA166 is the latest addition to Apex Microtechnology’s family of high density, multi-purpose power amplifier ICs utilizing leading-edge package design. Designed with power density in mind, the PA166 comes equipped with a pair of high voltage operational amplifiers with monolithic cores. In a surface mount package and with a body of just 20mm x 20mm, each channel is designed for operation up to 205V while providing 1A of continuous current. PA166 features exceptional channel separation of 80dB, while optional separate supplies for the amplifier core and output stage allow for optimized voltage swing with an overall power dissipation of 2 x 26W. The PA166 comes equipped with several safety features for system protection, including temperature compensated current limit, an over-current flag, and an output disable function.

  • High Density Voltage or Current Supplies
  • Electrostatic Transducer and Deflection
  • Deformable Mirror Focusing
  • Piezoelectric Positioning
Variant Output Current Continuous Output Current PEAK Purchase

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