300V, 150mA, Low Bias Power Amplifier with Programmable Current Limit

  • Voltage supply operation – ±15V to ±150V
  • Programmable output current limit
  • High output current – up to 150mA PEAK
  • Low bias current – FET input
  • SMD #: 5962-9072301HXA

The PA08 is a high voltage power operational amplifier designed for output voltage swings up to ±145V with a dual supply, or a 290V single supply. This power amplifier delivers high accuracy via a cascode input circuit configuration. All internal biasing is referenced to a zener diode fed by a FET constant current source. As a result, the PA08 features an unprecedented supply range and excellent supply rejection. Target applications for this POA include electrostatic transducers, deflection circuits and programmable power supplies.

The PA08A is the A grade version providing enhance performance in the areas of offset voltage, offset current and bias current. The PA08V is the extended supply range version (350V). The PA08M/883 is the fully certified military grade version. The PA08 series is a hybrid product design housed in an electrically isolated, hermetically sealed 8-pin TO-3 metal package. For continuous operation under load, a heatsink of proper rating is recommended.

PA08M/883 SMD #: 5962-9072301HXA

Variant +VS to -VS (V) Slew Rate (V/μs) Vos (mV) IB (pA) IIO (pA) Temp Range (°C) Package Option MIL-PRF-38534 Purchase
PA08 300 - 2 50 50 -25 to 85 8-pin TO-3 - BUY NOW
PA08A 300 20 0.5 10 10 -25 to 85 8-pin TO-3 - BUY NOW
PA08V 350 - 2 50 50 -25 to 85 8-pin TO-3 - BUY NOW
PA08M 300 20 3.7 50 50 -55 to 125 8-pin TO-3 - BUY NOW
PA08M/883 300 20 3.7 50 50 -55 to 125 8-pin TO-3 compliant BUY NOW

See how the PA08 fits your system requirements Use our Power Design Tool to assist with designing high power analog circuits.