32-Channel High Voltage Driver

  • 32 high voltage push-pull output channels
  • High voltage up to 280 V
  • TTL compatible inputs
  • Over-current and short-circuit protection
  • Adjustable switching speed of the high voltage output
  • Under-voltage protection
AIC1532 – Apex Microtechnology’s Fully Integrated Inductive Proximity Sensor IC

The AIC1532 is a 32 bit serial to parallel converter IC with 32 high voltage push-pull outputs and TTL compatible input signals. The outputs are designed can drive capacitive and resistive loads. An internal protection function monitors the logic supply voltage (VDD) and disables all output transistors of the high voltage push-pull outputs if an undervoltage condition is detected.

The IC contains a 32 bit shift register with a clock (CLK) and a data (DATA) input. The data output (OUT) allows cascading of several ICs. The 32 bit data will be latched with the Latch Enable Signal (LE) in a 32 bit latch. Three dedicated logic input signals (HI, LO, Z) allow setting of all high voltage outputs instantaneously to high, low, or high impedance without changing the setting of the 32 bit shift register and latch.

  • Drive of Capacitive Actuators
  • Piezo Transducer Excitation
  • Electro-Luminescent Displays
Part Number Voltage Package
AIC1532 230 V 64-pin LQFP

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