Industrial Robotics


Apex Microtechnology high-current operational amplifiers, high-voltage operational amplifiers and PWM amplifiers are a leading choice for motor control, piezo drive, and current control applications across the industrial OEM when high reliability is paramount. This product family of power op amps, PWM amplifiers and precision voltage references provides cost effective, off-the-shelf solutions that deliver maximum performance. For Data Acquisition applications, view our Voltage References products.


Apex robotics schematic

Whether driving DC brush or brushless motors, Apex Microtechnology offers more than 50 models of high current linear power amplifiers and PWM amplifiers with output capabilities ranging from 1 A up to 50 A and wide supply voltage operation as high as 450 V. These single-package solutions incorporate various integration interfaces including DSP, MCU or analog inputs as well as over-temperature and short circuit protection, and cycle-by-cycle current limit to handle start-up current without de-rating.

  • DC Brush and brushless motors
  • Single and dual output up to 50 A continuous
  • Single and dual supply voltage operation
  • User defined switching frequencies for PWM drivers
  • Circuit protection built in
  • IC, hybrid, and open frame module product designs

Valve Control

Apex Valve Control Schematic

The Apex Microtechnology product family of high current linear power amplifiers provides a variety of performance options for proportional valve control applications in grounded or floating load configurations. Depending on the specific demands of the circuitry, product selection can be based on high current and voltage supply, or high current and linearity of the Class A/B output.

  • Multiple combinations of high current, high voltage
  • High current output up to 50 A
  • Wide voltage supply operation ±2.5 V to ±200V
  • Excellent linearity – Class A/B Output
  • Circuit protection built in
  • IC, hybrid and open frame module product designs

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